Erol Alkan is a phenomenon in dance music, an honorary rock and roll star before he even put first remix out. Erol made his name at the recently wrapped up T.R.A.S.H nightclub which innovated and broke new ground in London every Monday night for over ten years. His name spread internationally as he toured with 2manyDJs and he has gone on to become a huge favourite in Dublin with a genuine affection for the crowd and visa-versa. He was also recently voted the UK's favourite DJ by dance music website Datatransmission, above John Digweed, Sasha and Carl Cox. He's remixed and produced for the likes of Bloc Party, Justice, Hot Chip, Interpol and Franz Ferdinand. Erol Alkan will hit Andrew's Lane Theatre for a DJ set on December 5th. Doors open at 11pm, and tickets price €25 are on sale now