West Cork Arts Centre is presenting an exhibition of works by Diana Copperwhite called Eclipse of a Title, the WCAC nominee for the prestigious AIB Award in 2007. The exhibition comprises large scale paintings, watercolours and drawings and new animation piece. Copperwhite's paintings relate strongly to memory. How we see, how we remember and how we know are themes that she constantly explores. She draws on multiple memories in many of her works, intertwining and layering them which in turn merge with the viewer’s triggered memories and associations. She says 'I constantly layer and change tone, the atmosphere, and colour to try and catch a moment that seems to occur to me in an unconnected instance from another dimension where reality, memory and fantasy collide'. Her drawings are an endless visual diary of sketches, objects, photographs and montages combined to create a labyrinth of lateral associations and in this exhibition she is exploring how to combine these using animation. Eclipse of a Title runs until 19th November.