The Dublin Port River Fest celebrates the role Dublin Port plays in our community and provides a wide range of activities on and around the River Liffey and the river quays for families over the festival weekend. This is the first Docklands Port Festival and is timed to coincide with the International Gathering of Gaffer Boats celebrating the 50th birthday of the Old Gaffer Association. The festival activities and attractions include Gaffer Boats Gathering with a Festival of Sail, a race in the River Liffey between Beckett and East Link Bridges.

A Pirate Village with arts and crafts for children, Liffey and Port Photo Competition, a Dublin Port Tug Boat Dance with water canon on the river, face painters, balloon artists, port boat tours, a circus, a fun fair, a food market and docker & sailor themed porter bar and cafes. The festival will use the recently refurbished Campshires along North Wall Quay to brilliant effect.

Families will have an opportunity to stroll along carefully selected farmers markets and fun fair amusements while enjoying all the activity on the river. A celebrity DJ will entertain with music, commentary and competitions all weekend.

Visitors will witness the largest gathering of Gaffer Boats to have ever taken place on this island. The Gaffers are handmade wooden boats, many of which are over 100 year old. Two Gaffer races will take place on Sunday, June 1 between Samuel Becket Bridge and the East Link Bridge. Great fun for all the family!