Drift for a While is an exhibition of paintings by English Artist Jay Lear, which goes on view at Garter Lane Gallery. Perhaps it is just the gentle easing into the New Year that will provide inspiration. For the artist, the first painting in the series was inspired by an icon on a computer. The journey to a finished piece is a voyage of discovery. It is a process of mark making allowing the completed work to reveal itself. Lear lives and works in Solva in Wales. From observing his abstract works it is possible to see how the light of that region is reflected in his work.As an artist, Lear is interested in exploring the effects of space and pattern, in particular the relationship between what we see and our inner thoughts. For him it can feel like a stripping back of what is being seen and working out what is important. Drift for a While runs at Garter Lane Gallery until the 27th February. Why not take time out to explore the terrain of Lear’s works. The gallery is open daily from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00am – 5.30pm. It opens on Saturdays from 11.00am – 3.00pm. Admission is free.