Down the Valley, the debut play from Jessica Traynor, is a raw and evocative love story set in the middle of suburban Dublin.  Rocks, rabbits, a stream - the valley's got it all. The perfect place to smoke a few spliffs with the lads or have a few drinks on the long summer's nights... that is, if you ignore the rusty trolleys and don't get caught by the local scumbags. But if you look beyond all that you can see a place where you can really be yourself, a place where Adrian will make his mark on the world, with devastating consequences for two local children. Louise Lowe directs, with the participation of a group young actors from Ballymun who are traveling to Limerick with the production for the Belltable Unfringed Theatre Festival. Down The Valley runs at Belltable Arts Centre from February 5th to 7th. Tickets are priced at €10.