Baltimore born DJ/producer Alex Epton, AKA XXXCHANGE, grew up surrounded by art and music, but it was only really when he left for Baltimore for Boston's New England Conservatory of Music that his interest grew, so much so that he ditched school and moved to New York to play in electronic punk outfit Zero Zero. The band, being produced by DFA, sparked Alex's fascination with production, and he soon found himself transferring focus towards studio work. DFA took Epton on as an intern, and Alex then began spending all of his spare time on Zero Zero's ProTool setup, applying his newly learned production technique to his own projects. With friends Naeem Juwan, Ronnie Darko and Chris Devlin, Alex formed the highly acclaimed Spank Rock. He produced their first album "Yoyoyoyoyo," as well as subsequent singles. Alex Epton now focuses on production and on DJing as XXXCHANGE. He has done remixes for the likes of Thom Yorke, Beck, !!!, and Lady Sovereign, Epton has also produced albums and track for The Kills, Kid Sister and Amanda Blank. See him DJ live at Transmission, The Button Factory, on Saturday 27th of June. Tickets are priced €10