Turntablist extraordinaire, scratch master and visual manipulator DJ Kormac plays the last gig of the festival, meaning it’s your last chance to experience Dublin’s ultimate pop-up venue. Get yourself to our Brave New World headquarters to meet your mates (including the ones you haven’t met yet), dance all night and pre-empt the nostalgia you’ll feel when the festival has to end.

Armed to the teeth with AV DJ technology, his patented blend of junk-jive, Charleston-funk and lindy-drop beats swept audiences into an ecstatic frenzy at Glastonbury and Bestival and tonight will be no exception. Join us to celebrate the end of the 2011 festival club at this kaleidoscopic, bass-drop riot.

“Taking the best 1930s and 1940s Bebop and Swing and fattening it up for the floor with crunching hip hop and breakbeats.” Club Pick of the Week, The Guardian.