DJ Flip, the Larry Mullen Jr. of hip-hop, first came into prominence in the public eye after scratching his way to the winner's seat at the International Turntable Federation's World Championship in 2003/2004. The "slash" between the years is still a mystery to everyone involved. Was it 2003 or 2004? The answer is lost to the ages. What everyone remembers is that an Irish kid touched his records while they were moving, and for some reason this was worthy of special recognition. So they called him the Scratching Champion... or something. The bottom line is this: you don' know DJ Flip. You can't know him. Regardless, DJ Flip is here, and he's a hundred and fifty percent in-your-face at all times. He says what he wants, when he wants, where he wants, to who he wants, and then he also says why he wants... uh, something, and sometimes he says how he wants it, as well. Catch him alongside DJ Rizm (Choice Cuts,Red Bull Music Academy) at the Underground in Kennedys for an evening of hip-hop, funk & soul on Friday November 21st for just €5.