Andy Smith was the first DJ to release a multi-genre mix album on a major label. When his mix-CD The Document hit the streets back in 1998, it became the soundtrack for a generation who had heard Coldcut's Journeys By DJs but needed to hear more - The Document filled the void.

In fact his long-running Document series became reknowned for its skillfull blend of the best sounds from many different eras. This was new to record buyers but for Smith a mixed bag of treasures has always formed the basis of his DJ sets.

This appreciation of different genres has made Smith the ideal person to provide sample material for bands such as The Prodigy (Stand Up - as used in the recent Nicolas Cage film Kick-Ass) and for Portishead's first two albums.
Following on the success of The Document, which sold in excess of 100,000 copies, Andy has become the go-to man when labels want not just a compiler but an expert musicologist to remix and re-edit their untapped back catalogues.

From Trojan and Greensleeves to Freestyle and Sanctuary (now part of Universal) Andy has produced some compilation gems, with DJ Andy Smith's Greensleeves Document hitting the top-ten of last year's Mojo Magazine reggae compilation list .

In the last year, Andy has become well-known for his amazing rockabilly, ska, jump blues and Northern Soul sets. Now, DJ Andy Smith's monthly Jam Up Twist night at The Book Club, London, The Bog Chill Bar, Bristol & The Workmans Club, Dublin is set to bring this unique blend of floor-filling vinyl treasures from the 50s and 60s to a town near you

You can currently hear Andy, on Colourful Radio ( across London) every Wednesday at midnight (GMT).