Love and passion in the voice and dance of women. Flamenco women...

Erotism and seduction. Rebellion and pride. Liberty and jealousy. The yearning for the absolute. The fatality of disillusion.

Traditional roots and avant-garde all in one show that searches for an endless scene. Distillation and discovery. Emotion and mystery in a show that will make you fall in love.

Flamenco lyrics written by poets José María Gómez Valero and David Eloy Rodríguez, showing a path of rites and rhythms, movements and essences, for the attraction, encounter and distance.

Singer “La Divi” and dancer Rosario Toledo bring pure intensity and expression, accompanied by the subtle and creative guitar playing of José Luis Medina, and the heartfelt imaginative and precise percussion of Andrej Vujicic.

Patricio Hidalgo draws live and in rhythm, his flamenco and poetic brush strokes whisper and scream the pulsations of what is real, the names and shapes of desire, “deseo”.