Stripped and Polished
A fun filled hour of musical comedy and verbal dexterity from the slickest, quickest entertainer on the cabaret scene.

BBC Radio One’s 'King of Cabaret' Desmond O’Connor has been described as a modern-day Noel Coward, and you’ll soon see why in this hour of thrillingly witty word craft that is guaranteed to shock, charm and entertain.

Desmond is an award winning writer, producer and performer with over twenty years’ experience in cabaret, musical comedy and musical theatre. His work has appeared on television, radio and film and he has performed live as far afield as Berlin, Amsterdam and New York as well as being a favourite at the Dublin Burlesque Festival. His work as composer, lyricist and co-creator of Scott Mills The Musical for Radio 1, combined with his work as a presenter for MTV at Bestival and The Big Chill, has furthered his status as a firm favourite on the music and cabaret scene.

'any show promises to be a sparkling effervescent affair with Des at the helm. He is charismatic, and glamorous, and strikes an easy rapport with his vast audience.'
Leila Battison, Broadway Baby

'O’Connor is a lyrically delightful and linguistically delicious clown-faced creature who spins words like a spider spins webs.'
Richard J Thornton, Extra Extra

'Witness Des O'Connor's masterful balancing between heartbreakingly doe eyed angel and ukulele toting gutter tramp.'
Sinone Baird, Time Out