Des Bishop is back, he likes to bang the drums, and he’s not afraid to show it. Combining his love of hip hop, strong jokes, audience participation and a newfound passion for drumming, Des has fun with wordplay in his brand new stand-up show.

‘It’s going to be a bit silly, a bit musical, a bit improvised’ says Des. ‘The title comes from being given an electronic drum kit as a gift recently. I started messing around with it and ended up behind a set on stage. It went really well, so I’ve put together a comedy show with a bit of rhythm in it.’

Bishop’s famously warm, honest presenting style and restless imagination will be in evidence again, most recently seen in the worldwide success of his previous live show, My Dad Was Nearly James Bond. He has since released a book of the same name inspired by his experiences and RTE aired a TV documentary on the subject.

Other TV series include The Des Bishop Work Experience (2004), Joy in the Hood (2006) and the award winning comedy documentary series In the Name of the Fada (2008), as well as four stand-up DVDs.

‘Charismatic, sincere, eloquent and always seeking the angle.’ - Chortle