Running from the 12th to the 16th of April, the show promises to be his very best in mind control, psychological illusion, and mystery.

The multi-award-winning master of magic Derren Brown will return to the stage in the Gaiety Theatre next Tuesday and promises a thrilling one-man-show across 5 nights.

The incredible illusionist is famous for hypnosis, social coercion, and mind control, especially in his renowned TV show 'The Push' which aired back in 2016. If you haven't watched it yet, you really need to catch up, since it's such a topical moment in the world of magic. It's a tense, fascinating watch.

Since his 2019 stage show 'Secret', a show chocked with theatrical mind-reading and psychological illusion, there seems to be nothing the man won't do to prove that magic is, well, really cool. And he's doing a good job of it.

If the show at the Gaiety is going to be anything like his usual stuff — full of making people do stuff they don't want to do — we have a few favours we could ask him, like could he hypnotise us to love cleaning the gaff? That would be great.

Tickets are on sale from Ticketmaster from €31 for the 12th - 16th of April. Get yours quick before they go *poof*.