Sir Henry’s in the ‘90s....Were you there?
Ten years ago the spiritual home of Cork’s first generation of ravers closed forever. This new show from one of Cork’s finest theatre-makers marks the occasion by exploring the social and political backdrop of the time. Featuring documentary interviews of the club’s main figures and footage of nights at the club (can you spot yourself amongst the smiling faces?), Deep is the story of an era told through the personal journey of a Deep House Junkie who, at 35, has lived through the peaks and troughs of the last two decades, and is still intent on raving to the grave.

Ray’s previous solo performance Mimic premiered at the 2007 Cork Midsummer Festival and has toured the world. Most recently, he composed the music for the hit musical Alice in Funderland at the Abbey Theatre. Deep is directed by Louise Lowe, acclaimed for her unique portrayals of Dublin’s history including Laundry and The Boys of Foley Street.