The writer and star of the hit TV show – The Savage Eye - David McSavage is one of Ireland’s most popular comedians. His cutting commentary and performances cover all aspects of life and nothing is safe from his truth induced interpretations. From The Barman (Mick The Bull) to Father Finnegan to former President Mary Robinson and Pat…….Kenny, audiences relate to each character from the many aspects of Irish life.

The Savage Eye (RTÉ), has been critically acclaimed was again recently nominated for an IFTA award for Best Entertainment Series and Best Director.

A regular guest on TV and radio shows in Ireland for many years, David has also appeared at all the major comedy festivals including the Edinburgh Festival and internationally in Australia, Germany, Japan and Scandinavia.

As an actor, this year he features in the film Calvary by John Michael McDonagh starring Brendan Gleeson. His other recent film roles in Gold and Our Robot Overlords.

In 2008 he devised Headwreckers for the Channel 4 TV show Comedy Lab.

"...the most divisive comedian in the country " Evening Herald

"McSavage is a comedic force… a riotous evening and a thoroughly entertaining show"

"One of Ireland’s funniest comedians" The Irish Mirror

"The comic equivalent of dynamite fishing" Official Edinburgh Fringe Magazine

"McSavage may overstep the line but that doesn't stop him making great comedy…" Evening Herald

"He makes me jealous sometimes because he kind of goes to areas that, in a sense, I am forbidden from going to. He (David McSavage) says an awful lot of things that I would love to say and can’t. He takes an awful lot of risks." Mario Rosenstock