Dangerous Felon
by Roger Gregg
Roger Gregg relates the true story of a mischievous laughing boy from the midwest stumbling into several decades of addiction. A life hobbled, promise unfullfilled, imprisoned within and without and now labelled 'Dangerous Felon'.
An exploration of Theatre Veritas using recordings, live performance and music.

by Cait Canavan
Cáil, meaning fame in Irish. A two part show, exploring one woman\'s life, looking at her in her youth and her old age. Using sean nós singer Sorcha Ní Ghuarim and the story of Molly Allgood (Joseph O\' Connor\'s novel Ghost Light) as anchors Cáil tells the story of a successful beautiful young woman living her youth in Dublin and also tell the story of an elderly sad woman ending her days in a London flat-alone

High Five, Danny O’C
Risky Proximity Players

Growing up is tough, and no-one understands.
For young Jimmy Regan, alone and ignored in the oppressive Town, there seems to be no way out.

But who better to free him from a life of gloom and drudgery than the Emancipator of All Ireland himself, Daniel O’Connell?

(Sure didn’t he bring a naggin of schnapps that time they went go-karting? Citation needed)

Get ready for a heart-warming, history-denying tale of friendship, desecration and awkward bras, as one boy and his long-dead political chum make this summer one to remember!
Together they are going to show the Town.
Together they will make a name for themselves.

Nothing in Heaven or Earth is going to stand in their way!