Crazy P(previously Crazy Penis) have spent ten years establishing themselves as one of the UK's finest purveyors of 21st century disco, and one of THE big draws on the festival circuit. They have done this by a) being seriously funky motherfriggers and b) knowing precisely how to take a listener by the ears, slowly bring them up and keep them up. Their recent Later mastermix, as unique and intimate as a handwritten letter to a friend, does this with assassin expertise, drawing you in with gentle, strange and enticingly skew-whiff jazz, and when it has got your attention, sucker-punching your backside into shaking with hit after hit of delicious, irresistible space-disco, music that you have to dance to, even if you're only doing so inside your own head while you keep enjoying that back rub. On 21st November for the first time in Dublin the Crazy P Soundsystem will take their love of disco, house and dancefloor grooves and present entertainment on the decks at the Underground @ Kennedy's, complimented by live vocals from MS Moore.