Throughout August Ballina Arts Centre is hosting Constructed Drawing, an exhibition by Dublin artist Jennifer Phelan. The installation comprises a number of wall and floor based pieces, utilising materials such as paper, card and fabric. Jennifer works by making relationships between space, colour, movement and shape. By taking the organic nature of paper she challenges the audience to question their assumptions of certain forms with particular shapes, reflexes and movements. Paper is twisted, torn, wrapped and cut in a variety of fashions to highlight both its diverse uses, and weakness. The process of working with the material is highlighted and demonstrates the variety of ways in which it can be used to create form, both tangible and intangible. She explains: "Drawing is an important part of my practice. It forms a basis for exploring a variety of mark-making techniques in paper and fabric. My approach to making is shaped by experimenting with the limitations of the material, the different combinations in which the materials can be used and the growing vocabulary of imagery that has arisen from previous work. Movement is a strong theme in this work where the inspiration is rhythm, space, flow and form." This exhibition runs until 30th August.