Colm O’Regan created the Twitter sensation @irishmammies and introduced the world to the gentle wisdom of Irish Mammies everywhere. In just six months he (or she, actually he’s not really sure any more) gained nearly 40000 followers including famous authors like Marian Keyes and Hollyood star Minnie Driver. And now he’s made a complete SHOW of Mammy. Do you have a son working in something to do with computers?, Had you to ask the young one in the shop to put the credit on the phone? Did you have the pavlova? Colm O’Regan, brings the world of the Irish Mammy to life in a unique and dotey way. Make sure you bring along your own Irish Mammy to the Cat Laughs hit show.

Warning – this show may be best accompanied with tea and a bun.

'Deadpan with Hilarious consequences' – Irish Times