Popular Galway -based dance teacher Avril will take you through a unique knee -knockin, booty shakin Charleston choreography .The focus will be on the fantastic fun that is Charleston dancing. Travel back in time as you learn the steps that make up this new original routine. Suitable for complete beginners and veteran dancers alike. This class will concentrate on solo dancing so no partner is required.
Experience the fun of this 1920's dance – there really is nothing like it!

About the dance.
The Charleston is a distinctive up-tempo style in jazz music and has its own dance style which became somewhat of a craze in 1920's America . Now almost a century later it is becoming all the rage again. And there's no doubting why as Charleston is one of the most fun dances to do and the basics can be picked up by anyone regardless of experience. All that is needed is your enthusiasm and a desire to really enjoy yourself while dancing to 1920's Music!

About the teacher
Avril has been teaching and performing Vintage Jazz and Charleston since 2007, Her exuberant teaching style is focused on fun and has ensured a very popular regular attendance at her weekly classes. Avril will be bringing her expertise learned from some of the best international dance teachers. There will be something for everyone - beginners can pick up the basic moves and variations while more experienced dancers can work on styling and musicality.