A jam packed ride through the mind of a compelled, (NOT committed) psychiatric hospital worker, part time Benburb Street blogger and full time craic creator. This is the debut extravaganza of Chameleon Comedian.

In the intimate surroundings of Anseo, be enthralled by the recesses of her weird encounters of the everyday kind. Think the marvellous Niamh Rudden, meets a rambling Dylan Moran, and then...her, beside them...eavesdropping.

Let your resident M-C.Squared entertain you. (To the air of Eminem’s ‘Lose yourself’):

Now this is the part where the blurb breaks down
My gig's real good, you'll be rolling around
My creeds ensuring, that you, don't frown
Comedic beat so fast, makes everybody lose themselves......
Now snap, back to reality, Oh look? I'm a stand up dabbling
Oh you saw me bomb? Match me if you can?!

'You'll be crying out for a doctor, cause I'll have you in stitches.'