Come and meet walkers from more than 21 countries to walk, talk and discover the bogs, rivers, mountains, flora and fauna and the unspoilt beauty of the west of Ireland. Each day, there is a 10 kilometres, 20 kilometres and 40 kilometres road walk and also a guided cross country ramble, which is approximately 30 kilometres in length and takes about 6 hours to complete.

All of the road walks are through the countryside around Castlebar, while some of the rambles take you further afield. There is a range of routes to suit all levels of fitness. The festival starts on Wednesday evening 3rd July with an informal get together, where walkers can register and attend the short, but important, briefing.

The Welcome Inn Hotel on New Antrim Street, Castlebar is the HQ for the duration of the festival. All walks start and finish here. Registration forms should be returned with the appropriate fees in advance of the walks where possible. It is possible to pre register on the Wednesday evening before the walks, when there is also an important briefing session for those who are participating on all four days.

Individuals wishing to take part in only one, two or three days may register on the day they wish to walk. Registration is also available on our website. Evening festivities are organised for those who are able to party the night away after each day's walk. "The four days are easy ", says Tom Maguire of the Dublin Walking Club, " it's the five nights that would kill you ! " Tom has taken part in the Castlebar Walks for the past 21 years so he speaks with some authority on the matter.