The Friday Picture Show Presents:

Carnival of Souls and Eyes Without a Face.
Two classic Horror movies for the price of one!

The Friday Picture Show brings a bespoke cinema experience to Dublin. On Friday, April 13th we present two classics of the Horror genre in the intimate surroundings of the Denzille Cinema.

Carnival of Souls (Herk Harvey, 1962):
Harvey's atmospheric classic concerns the strange waking dream of a young woman left for dead in an horrific car accident. Plagued by ghostly apparitions, and the memory of her murdered morther, she finds her way to the Carnival of Souls. A highly influential but little seen film which is a must for all film fans.

Eyes Without a Face (Georges Franju, 1959):
Also known as Les Yeux Sans Visage; Franju's shocker tells the story of the brilliant Dr Genessier, whose beautiful daughter was horrifically maimed in a car accident, caused by her father. With his daughter interred in the Doctor's mansion, Genessier sends his assistant out into the night to entrap young women whose faces he needs, so that he may once again restore his daughter's beauty.

Brought to you in glorious Horrorscope, this is a cinema experience not to be missed!