From bulbs to borders and woodland to wildlife, Carlow’s Floral Festival Trail is a great opportunity for budding and experienced gardeners and nature lovers to obtain practical advice and tips from some of Ireland’s most respected gardening and nature personalities. 

Visitors also have the opportunity to visit the Carlow Garden Trail, a collection of 16 different gardening attractions.

The Carlow Garden Trail ranges from small to very large gardens, garden centres and forest parks and from old to new, so there is something to stimulate both the novice and experienced gardener. Known for its mild and temperate climate, County Carlow in Ireland's sunny South East is the ideal destination for your gardening trip.

Identifiable road signs make the Carlow Garden Trail an easy-to-follow tour through one of the most beautiful inland counties of Ireland offering a unique insight into the plants and plants people that make each premises so individual. The trail can be driven in a day if so desired but naturally we encourage you to relax and enjoy the remarkable beauty of these gardens, garden centres and forest parks at a more leisurely pace.