Every year more than 8,000 deaths are caused by road accidents in Argentina. In addition, about 120,000 people a year are injured in road accidents. The millions of pesos that are needed by the victims and their families to cope with medical and legal costs represent a huge market sustained by the settlements paid out by insurance companies and the fragility of the law. Each of these unfortunate incidents could bring with it a business opportunity.

Sosa is a lawyer that specialises in road accidents. He works for a foundation that supposedly aids the victims but, in fact, is the front for a shady law firm. Lujan is a young doctor, a newcomer to the city. She works all hours, in several places: ambulances, accident and emergency and emergency services. Lujan and Sosa meet, she fights to save the victim’s life, he wants the victim for a client, yet together they try to change their lives, but Sosa’s turbulent past may prove an obstacle too great.

Paula Trapero’s Carancho is a love story that begins, quite literally, with an accident, yet little is left to chance in this well-crafted, confident film that ably mixes urban noir with a touching look at the emotional core of its main characters.

Colm McAuliffe,
Jameson Dublin International Film Festival