The festival's focus on Brittany closes with another special guest; Cécile Corbel.

She is a Celtic harpist and singer-songwriter from Finistere in Brittany. Her latest album Songbook Volume 3 (2011) is a continued exploration of her pop-folk musical world, infused with an oriental influence and inspired by Celtic culture.

... a superstar, her etheric voice, soothing arrangements and harp mastery. Eric Peterson AMAZON ... An irresistible voice LE TELEGRAMME/MAG

2005 Paris Young Talents Award Best Song 2011, 'Arrietty’s Song', Anime and Manga award ceremony organised by Aim Eland (magazine). Sound track album of the year - Golden Disc award Japan.

Including a welcome drink - a taste of Brittany
With the support of the French Embassy in Ireland.