The Butoh Film Festival will present a selection of video and film that gives a historical background and contemporary look at Butoh, a dance that has moved beyond the presentation dance as based in an aesthetic of beauty.

Session 1

1.00pm Gathering and introduction
1.30pm Ju-Ni-Hitoe or Discovery of the Soul (1993) by Jutta Ohlenberg and Rolf Coulanges. Starring Yumiko Yoshioka, MinaKo Seki and Sayoko Onishi

Session 2

2.45pm Sacrifice (1959) – Donald Richie film starring Tatsumi Hijikata
War Games (1962) – a Donald Richie film.

Session 3

4.20pm Panel discussion: Katherine Waugh, Dr. Tina Kinsella *

Session 4

7.00 Irish Premiere of Vermillion Souls** (2004), presented by its director Masaki Iwana

*The panel discussion will reflect upon the body of butoh dance in relation to contemporary theory. Panellists are Katherine Waugh, film maker, curator and researcher of Antonin Artaud and Dr. Tina Kinsella, lecturer in Visual Culture and Gender Studies at NCAD and Conceptual Director of Umbilical, a multimedia performance project that weaves butoh dance, visual images and original musical composition.

**“Set in Tokyo in 1952, Vermilion Souls is a story of the dreams and realities encountered by a young boy who strays into a strange mansion while out chasing a flier dropped by an aircraft. Confined in the mansion are four adults suffering from an incurable disease which prevents them from being exposed to the sun”.