It's a funny old world when seen through the eyes of Brendan Grace. The sanctimonious priest who knows more than he's telling: "Blessed is he who gets married in the nick of time." The father of the bride makes a speech at his daughter's wedding: "She could have married someone with money; she could have married someone who was working; she could have married someone who wasn't working… but was willing to work." Then there's the schoolboy with the unspeakable personal habits and a fine line in sympathy pleas. Brendan Grace is all of these and more. Each cock- eyed portrait he paints has a ring of truth that brings audiences to the point of apoplexy. Brendan's material owes more to the best of the traditional stand-up-comics than it does to modern alternative humour and this is very much a show for everyone. Brendan Grace's "It's a Funny Old World" plays at Waterfront Hall Studio on Thursday October 9th. Tickets are priced £19.50.