Boys Noize/Alex Ridha was born in 1982 and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. His journey into music started early, studying both piano and drums at the tender age of six. At fourteen his attentions began to shift towards the futuristic, almost alien sounds that emanated from the city’s various pirate radio stations. From that point onwards his path to future greatness had been set and at just sixteen he set up a studio with Andi Meid (who would later go on to record as D.I.M.) After several years honing his craft Ridha decided he wanted to maintain 100% control and go the DIY route, setting up Boysnoize Records in 2005. Through his own single-minded vision Boysnoize Records has become one of the most recognizable labels out there, both sonically and visually. Now on their 50th release, Boysnoize Records has consistently put out groundbreaking music from artists such as Mixhell, Jan Driver, D.I.M, Gonzalez, Housemeister, Brodinski, Bart B More, DJedjotronic and Le Petits Pilous amongst many others. Things are already getting looking very exciting for Boys Noize in 2011. Further collaborations are due with Housemeister and Surisimo as well us some high profile production work on upcoming albums from Chilly Gonzalez and currently for Spank Rock's as yet unfinished album.