Transmission gears up for bass infected grime party London style as we bring two of the scenes brightest lights to Dublin. Back in 2005 Bok Bok was running the heavy bass party music blog Lower End Spasm ( and DJing on grime radio. That year he teamed up with fellow grime and garage lover Manara after having more fun raving together than ever before. United, the new team developed a banging new club sound that borrowed from grime, house, rave and the ghetto dance musics of the world to form a brand new, bass-orientated mutant rave hybrid. Bok Bok and Manara’s music is a bass heavy, high energy mix, pushing the boundaries of basslines that hang around just below 40hz. With the massive resurgence in clubbers listening to garage and indie kids all over getting into Baltimore & mash ups of electronic music with sounds from all over the world, Bok Bok and Manara will most definitely find a home on the Transmission dancefloor this Saturday 21st at The Button Factory. Admission is €10. Doors 11pm