Presented in association with Dublin Theatre Festival as part of Festival On Tour        

Written by Michael Hilliard Mulcahy
Directed by Peter Sheridan

They grew up together, dreamed together and emigrated together from the West Kerry town of Brandon in the late eighties. America didn't quite fulfil their dreams and they returned home, chastened but wiser. Things happened between them out foreign, things of the heart and things of the purse, things that were never resolved. And now they gather to welcome home one of their own, Jack Flynn, who has flown solo across the Atlantic. It should be a celebration...But the ordinary can be extraordinary - Can Greg and Mags rekindle their childhood love, can Brendy and Josie stop their marriage from splitting apart as he prepares to take to the seas on a voyage of his own...will Jamesie find the truth about his son Jimmy – lost on the streets of Brooklyn...The past is a powder keg waiting to explode...the only question is who will strike the first match.