Duration 2hours including interval

Presented by Red Kettle Theatre Company in association with Garter Lane Arts Centre
Written by Michael Hilliard Mulcahy
Directed by Peter Sheridan

1988 and all eyes are on the western skies. Wide-eyed, wild yet innocent, they watch the jetstream trails over Brandon Mountain. Soon they’d be up there on one of them planes. Only question was where to fly? Boston, Toronto, or New York City? Big dreams, work hard, get rich, and someday maybe...if things get better they’ll come back home again.

2013 and all talk is of the gathering. Everyone is gathering. Twenty five years is a long time however. Things change. People change. Some return. Some don’t. Some are still dreamin’ though…always dreamin’. Jack Flynn has flown home solo from the east coast of America in a single engine aircraft, a dream he’s had since first landing on US soil. His old pal Brendy has long since swapped the big apple for the homeland. He is preparing a voyage now too. He plans to conquer the north Atlantic seas by rowing home to Brandon pier from a tiny port in Newfoundland. Is it a thirst for adventure or a need to escape? This night should be a celebration but their past is a powder keg waiting to explode...the only question is who will strike the first match.

Beyond the Brooklyn sky was a huge critical and commercial success at the 2012 Dublin Theatre Festival

‘Startlingly relevant … a terrific production and a really promising debut…entirely convincing’

- Irish times ****

‘Lovingly drawn and well executed… you’ll walk away invested in the characters, moved and sincerely wondering about what happens next’

- Enterainment.ie ****

‘Delightfully funny and poignant… wonderfully in an enchanting production’

Examiner.com *****