Bebop and Rocksteady are a jazz/improvising duo formed in the late nineties when multi-instrumentalist (guitars/drums) Shane Latimer met saxophonist/keyboardist Tom Walsh at the Cork Jazz Festival. They decided to forge a partnership that would last for a decade and a half with the duo performing at a variety of jazz festivals, both national and international. Their music can be described as probing, freewheeling, and fun but not without rigour or depth of emotions.
Exploring uncharted waters in terms of genre the pair have singlehandedly created their own musical language. The dialogue between the two is compelling to watch as they create music and sounds that defy easy classification with influences as varied as electonica, jazz and world music. The pairing’s fearless approach to jazz standards including their irreverant but bold reinterpretation of Hancock’s 'Dolphin Dance' leaves you breathless. This performance features a Skype link with guitarist Steve Giordano.