Those who see Audio Bullys as dancefloor fodder only will have to readjust their thinking when they hear the psychedelic post weekend comedown of Daisy Chains, channelling those stoned immaculate Beatles vibes into a new place. Those who think of the Audio Bullys as music for the lads, will have to explain the open confessional of Only Man, the lead single and a pulsing disco titan that pushes and pulls you with hook after hook. Those who remember the pair as one of the break and beats UK dance acts will have to readjust their genres when they come to the ska grooves of Goodbye. And that's before they get to the shape shifting Shotgun or the Chic funk of Dynamite, which still leaves room for plenty of bangers and a whole host of other surprises. Trinity Rooms are thrilled to announce that the unbelievably talented duo will be hitting the decks in the courtyard or the June bank holiday. On the very same night that Leeroy (X-Prodigy) will be mixing up a storm in the main room. This is not a night to be missed, catching two of the best acts in one venue on one night is surely never to happen again, and for the good news tickets are only €15Euro.