[email protected] is a residential programme where artists spend three weeks in a company in County Roscommon making artworks using either the materials of the company or inspired by the environment, staff and working practices of the company. Since its inception in 2001 the programme has hosted almost 50 residencies in companies throughout the county. The primary aim of the programme is to offer an opportunity of not just seeing art in unusual situations but seeing the process of making art and watching it develop. Most often people only see pieces of art when there finished and hanging on a wall, [email protected] lets people delve a bit deeper than that and find out how it all starts, why artists make the things they do. To the artist it offers the opportunity to explore different methods of working and to produce work in a context that allows for greater participation in the creation of the work. The artworks that have been created, perhaps because of the unique circumstances, contain a relevance, interest and curiosity that makes the exhibition very much one not to be missed. The exhibition opens in Roscommon Arts Centre on Saturday 12th July and will run until 23rd August during arts centre normal opening hours.