Alma, a new Argentinean Café with dulce de leche pancakes and eggs with steak and chimichurri on the menu, opened in Portobello last week. Alma is a proper family affair, owned by Argentinean couple Alejandro and Lucrecia, with their four daughters also involved, as manager, assistant manager, front of house and social media manager. Alma means 'soul' in Spanish, and the four letters are the initials of the family's four daughters - Anabella, Luciana, Macarena and Augustina.

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Alma's chef Thiago Marques (formerly in Fia and The Fumbally) is Brazilian, and together the team have spent the last few months putting together a seasonal menu featuring local Irish produce with Argentinean flavours. The menu features dishes like grilled morcilla with caramelised walnuts and sultanas, choripan (chorizo argentino with chimichurri on tartine baguette), and a chocolate granola bowl with Greek yogurt, coconut and chocolate shavings, lemon curd and fruit.

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Three of the sisters have worked in various cafés in Dublin for the past few years, and have always wanted to open their own place with a link to home. It was earlier this year that their parents and other sister decided to take the leap and move to Dublin, and the family decided to go all in on looking for a site to make Alma a reality.

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Alma is now open and will serve food from 8am on weekdays and 9am on weekends. You can follow them on Instagram here.


12 South Circular Road, Portobello, Dublin 8

Tue - Fri 08:00 - 16:00. Sat - Sun 09:00 - 17:00.

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