The Applefest: Slow Food Apple & Craft Cider Festival is a celebration of Irish apples and their importance to the culture and history of south Tipperary. The festival will be family friendly and there will be lots of events for younf and old, with great fun activities for children. There will be a juice bar and family barbecues, spit roasts and tapíní (that's tapas Irish style!), with smaller, affordable portions of food so that you can try it all! There will be live music in keeping with a festival atmosphere and the Orchard Special will give the kids train rides around the apple farm. At the centre of the festival will be the revival of traditional pure juice cider.

As well as celebrating craft cider, there will be opportunities to watch apple pressing and cider making demonstrations, to learn about Irish apple varieties and the history of apple growing and cider making. Apple growers and producers of apple based foods will be showcasing their products and there will be opportunities to enjoy great local food with a distinct apple flavour. The Festival Gala Dinner will feature a fabulous apple inspired tasting menu. This year there will also be a number of workshops about the tradition and history of apple growing, cider production and the commercialisation of apples and the business opportunities for apple growers and ways to use apples at home will be explored.