Michael Fortune's artistic practice spans the formats of writing, video and photography as show in his exhibition An Anthology of Others. Working predominantly in video and photography, his work explores the circumstantial boundaries between art and culture, folklore and interpretation and fact and fiction.  Through a variety of techniques and approaches, Fortune uses the video camera as a tool to decode and re-code these activities, and by doing so exposes the areas where their boundaries overlap and collide. In most of the works the camera remains static, with editing only ever employed out of necessity rather than luxury. This technique provides the viewer with an unhindered and individual viewpoint on each work. Although referring to the forms of documentary, all evidence of the documenter or narrator is removed. Fortune's practice revolves around the collection of material. His video works are not scripted or storyboarded, instead he generates material out of the relationships and experiences he develops with the people and circumstances he encounters. This exhibition runs in the Garter Lane Arts Centre from 27th September to 25th October.