Kevin McHugh [aka Ambivalent] is a native of Washington, DC and resident of New York City. His musical development began in DC where he was influenced by the broad nature of that city’s music scene. Early exposure to acid-house and industrial side-by-side with DC’s homegrown go-go and hardcore punk scenes deeply influenced his music. He moved to Berlin in 2004 to help Richie Hawtin produce the Plastikman live concert. He later returned to New York and re-dedicated himself to producing music inspired by his friends. He answered an ad for an apartment, and moved in with a DJ named Camea. She later created Clink Recordings. He DJs regularly in New York, and on his internet radio show, The Nerd Tank, with Camea. He has releases and remixes (past and forthcoming) on Minus, Clink, Klickhaus, Esperanza, and Leftroom and is travelling to Dublin for this hotly-awaited show.