What's the name about? Why would I spend a fiver on that? I don't even know the girl.
She hates stoats but likes toast and Loves anagrams.
Well she would feel happier and you would have spent that money on something frivolous.
It's observational comedy on mental health and why being normal should never be an aspiration.
You will learn about being brought up in the U.K, Germany and ending up in a council estate in a small village in Westmeath and what it feels like to not quite belong anywhere.Find out why stoats should never be put into a barrel with dolphins.
She also talks about non important things like Will-I-Am, American style jelly beans and terrorism.
Republic of telly, New comedy awards RTE. so you think you're funny semi-finalist. The right hook (Newstalk). John Murray show (RTE radio 1)
Totally Dublin - well worth checking out.