'Rose Wardlaw and Alice Malseed present two pieces of new performance developed at Battersea Arts Centre, London.

Part 1: Smack Rabbit by Rose Wardlaw

Rose Wardlaw is freaking out. She doesn't like being alone and wants someone to hold her hand. She needs a salt to her pepper, a left to her right, a Kanye to her West. Smack Rabbit explores a fear of being alone by being alone, and Rose doesn't like it.

Part 2: Seen in Soft Focus by Alice Malseed

It’s 2006. I am the queen of fucking everything. But my palace starts to crumble and fall apart. Have a drink, have a dance, and let’s drown our sorrows until this storm subsides. Seen in Soft Focus is a story about a love of the lively. It is loud, fun, and raw. It’s about London and Belfast and Berlin and everywhere and everyone.'