AIMS Choral Festival is an off-shoot of the Association of Irish Musical Societies (AIMS), which is a thirty-two county organisation providing a number of services to its ever growing membership. There are twenty competitions, eight for junior on Friday and twelve on Sunday, two of which are confined to AIMS. Entries are from choirs and soloists throughout the country. The festival strives for excellence and camaraderie creating a great annual environment, and continues to ensure that all events are run very efficiently, which is a tribute to the festival committee.

This New Ross festival encourages and fosters talent and provides a forum which highlights the wonderful abilities of our people. The festival gives competitors a platform to display their talent and it has become a household name throughout Ireland, bringing visitors and much needed tourism to the area. The festival has grown from a one day event to three day event.

The festival strives to maintain the highest standards at all levels: administration, adjudicators, publicity and equipment. The atmosphere in New Ross over the weekend is electric with people sitting out on the streets laughing, chatting and singing. Restaurants and pubs are packed and there is plenty of laughter and song. So come along to the AIMS Choral Festival 2013