'Dancing In The Dark' is Megan Noone’s debut directorial short film starring Venetia Bowe as Sophie, a shy, awkward librarian in a university library in her 20s. The tedium of Sophie’s daily routine in the library is overwhelming. Though most of the students overlook her, if they do take the time to consider her at all they’re usually making fun of her less than exhilarating occupation.

Most students, apart from, she hopes, James. James is everything she is not. He is an outgoing, charismatic and self-confident student but when chance hands Sophie a brief encounter with James, her insecurity gets the better of her. However, concealed by the mundanity of her day job, Sophie has a hidden passion for contemporary dance. Could Sophie's private means of expressing herself be the key to overcoming her insecurities and connecting with the man of her dreams?"