July 1945. A country house in England. On a sweltering evening, celebrations for the British Labour Party's landslide election victory are in full swing. Miss Julie descends into the servant's kitchen to seek out John, her father's chauffeur. A passionate midsummer night turns to tragedy as they test the limits of their new freedom. Class suspicions and resentments, sexual desire and the struggle against repressive social attitudes all feature in this tense, sharp drama which combines Strindberg's original vision with Patrick Marber's own consummate skill in drawing believable and psychologically astute characters whose every word has deadly meaning. 'After Muss Julie' is Marber's version of Strindberg's 'Miss Julie' and runs at Smock Alley Theatre from July 9th to 25th, Mon-Sat at 8pm. Tickets are priced €20/€15 with low price previews on July 7th and 8th