The Dublin Fringe Festival is one of the world’s largest curated fringe festivals. It has become one of the leading festivals in Europe, as well as being Ireland’s fastest growing festival to promote up-and-coming artists. The festival is open to both Irish and international participants.

The festival started in 1995 and is now a sixteen day festival, annually held in September and is dedicated to new and emerging artists. The Dublin Fringe offers live entertainment as well as performance opportunities in dance, theatre, live art, visual art, and music. The festival allows artists to develop and present their work by submitting their application which is subsequently reviewed by the programme manager. To attract aspiring (and inspiring) artists, the fringe offers workshops throughout the festival to teach a wide variety of skills such as tassel swirling, hip hop, tai chi, and others to aid in exploring what’s new in the arts.

The festival is chock-full of talented and inspirational artists all coming together to stimulate emotion, laughter, insight, and whip up the crowds into a frenzy, making the festival a truly an unforgettable experience.

The Absolut Fringe is now recruiting volunteers to get involved across all areas of operation. Roughly 200 volunteers participate each year, assisting with Box Office, Production, Marketing/ Distribution and Venues/ Front of House

Closing date for new applications is August 25th 2010.