Agni Acting Studio in association with the St.Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club
Rehearsed Staged Reading by Anton Chekhov.

The Agni Conservatory present not one but two productions of Anton Chekhov’s famous one-act farces in our Season of Chekhov.

In 'The Bear', Elena Ivanovna Popova has locked herself in the house in mourning over her husband’s death. Grigory Smirnov arrives unexpectedly to collect a debt Popova’s husband owes him and refuses to leave until he receives the sum of 1,200 roubles. What ensues is a battle of the sexes by two figures made ludicrous by pretending to be more than they actually are.

In 'The Anniversary' Murphy’s Law hits the height’s of comic disaster during as two meddling wives unwittingly plunge a pompous bank Chairman’s 15 year celebration into chaos.