A stimulating and entertaining evening presenting you with a tool-kit for meaning and well-being; a prescription for cultivating inner happiness in your own life. Dr Mark Rowe will take you on an empowering journey that guides you towards living a life filled with happiness, positivity and health. Packed full of life-enhancing information that can have a major impact on your physical, emotional and relationship wellbeing, this event will no doubt have transformative powers for many people.

A well-known family doctor and healthcare entrepreneur, with over twenty years of experience, Dr Mark Rowe is practical and down to earth in his delivery and advice about how to create more happiness in your own life. Receive guidance on boosting your happiness and bouncing back from adversity. Dr Mark Rowe shows how you can become an active participant in your greatest asset – your own happiness and prosperity.

"Dr Rowe has been an incredibly positive influence in my life. I’ve been taking Dr Rowe’s prescription for happiness for some time now and it’s made a huge difference to my life. I’ve lost 5 stone, I work harder, I’m healthier, I’m strengthening my relationships and I savour life more. I can’t recommend Dr Rowe’s workshop highly enough." Cian Foley