This hilarious show tells the tale of Kenneth McAllister's rebellious journey as he travels from Windsor Park in Belfast to Doran's Bar in New York to watch ‘Jack's Army’ in their quest to win the 1994 World Cup. Kenneth, a regular middle-class Northern Protestant recognises for the first time the pettiness and horror of bigotry as he joins his fellow Northern Ireland football supporters on the terraces of Windsor Park during the world-cup qualifier between the Rep of Ireland and Northern Ireland. In the wake of this match he starts to re-evaluate his life and decides on a momentous change. This production of Marie Jones’ smash-hit one-man show, A Night in November features Padraic McIntyre playing the part of Kenneth. Padraic McIntyre is best known as Artistic Director of Livin Dred Theatre Company and as writer/director of The Night Joe Dolan’s Car Broke Down.