A theatrical examination of diaspora, displacement and mental disorders in the 19th century.

This land is cruel and unforgiving
and many more have gone where I go,
to seek not wealth but fairer living
across the sea and far from Sligo

In an era when the issues of migration and mental health are seldom out of the news, we explore why the mid 19th century saw a prevalence of mental disorders amongst Irish migrants.

A Malady Of Migration uses original music, song and sharp characterisations to tell a series of intertwining stories with humour, insight and compassion. Events and characters are based on case notes, historical evidence and academic research - in what is a unique collaboration between renowned theatre company Talking Birds, the Centre for the History of Medicine in Ireland at University College, Dublin and the Centre for the History Of Medicine at the University of Warwick.

Thursday evening show followed by expert panel discussion and reception
Saturday lunchtime show followed by post show discussion
Selected performances will be CAPTIONED (subtitled) to your mobile device via Talking Birds’ Difference Engine. To use this service e-mail [email protected] in advance.

For further information:

Warnings: Please be advised that this production contains references to mental health issues and historical practices which may be considered sensitive.

Age guidance: 12 and over