ICYMI, Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is not a fan of Youtube channels that poke fun at movies – specifically, CinemaSins.

Vogt-Roberts went on a long Twitter rant after the series picked apart his movie Kong: Skull Island, arguing against a number of points brought up by the video.

Another channel that makes fun of movies (albeit in an arguably more succinct way) is Honest Trailers, and they recently released their own take on Kong: Skull Island. After a couple of minutes into the video, none other than Jordan Vogt-Roberts appears.

“Look, you guys can criticise my movie all you want,” the director explains. “All I ask is, if you do it, add some f***ing merit to it.” He insists that he welcomes film criticism and to prove his point, he apparently details the flaws of the movie – including how John Goodman's character gets killed once he has no more exposition to deliver while Tom Hiddleston's character looks too clean and "perfect." – that are voiced in the ‘trailer’.

It’s actually very clever and very funny – probably one of the best Honest Trailers we’ve seen in a while (though Face/Off was also very good).